With determination of “with Trimatra Tatagraha, altogether we reach a perfect masterpiece”, we will always give our customer the best result as their satisfaction. In line with that, PT Trimatra Tatagraha has done Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2000 in consistent and continue to result reliable and quality products.  In technical side, we have complete our design tool with a sophisticated software and a very precision and reliable CNC machine

We are not only execute system and profiles as demanded by the architecture design, but also we do the testing for its quality and resilience.  The development of architecture world has never stop and even has complications tendency which could cause troubles in its application.  Somehow PT Trimatra Tatagraha has the ambition to fulfill any challenges and requests of aluminum and glass construction design, such as curtain wall, window wall, etc. 


PT Trimatra Tatagraha is focused and serious in order to execute every kind of request.  The accuracy of the use of material and time of workmanship, have become our priceless commitment in every job given by the customer.  


PT Trimatra Tatagraha has an International Standard in doing business to keep client satisfaction


1. QMS ISO 9001:2008

2. MURI Appreciation for the highest Spider Glass in Indonesia (Grand Indonesia - Jakarta)

3. MURI Appreciation for the biggest Skylight in Indonesia (Paragon - Semarang)