TRIMATRA TATAGRAHA is a construction company who specialized in building facade.  Having more than 2 decades experiences and employing many experts who has his/her own knowledge, TRIMATRA successfully build a lot of buildings with its own level of difficulties which are spread all over big cities in Indonesia. 

Established in Jakarta at 1990, PT Trimatra Tatagraha is also a consultant company who has ability to design and engineer for finding a solution to an architectural field of aluminum and efficient building facade.

Since its first operation, PT TRIMATRA TATAGRAHA has constructed more than 600 building project in Indonesia.  PT TRIMATRA TATAGRAHA is not only manufacturing system and profile as designed by the architect, but also testing the quality and the resilience of them.  We also collaborate with Winwall Singapore, as a certification institution. 


Vision : 

" PT Trimatra Tatagraha, have a vision as for  “Being the best in architectural aluminum specialist in global market”  ". 

Mision : 

" PT Trimatra Tatagraha have a mission as for “Creating prime results to clients and stakeholders"


Quality Time :  We have to do our best vigorously, in order to create the best result in faster time. 

Cost :  we have to consider an efficient cost in designing and manufacturing.

Ethics :  We always work in good ethic in order to grow continuously